Symbol SMH (Super Mai Hydropower Limited)
Fiscal Year 079-080
Announcement Detail Supermai Hydropower Limited is going to issue its 5,00,000.00 units of IPO shares to the projected affected local residents of Illam District, Illam Municipality (Barbote) 05 & (Sumbek) 02, Maijogmai VDC 05, Soyang VDC & other District of Illam and 50,000.00 units of IPO shares to the foreign employment citizens of Nepal starting from 21st Mangsir - 6th Poush, 2079
Announcement Date 2022/11/30 AD (2079/08/14 BS)
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Bookclose Date
% Cash Dividend
% Bonus Share
Right Share Ratio
Date 2022/12/07 AD (2079/08/21 BS)