Symbol USHL (Upper Syange Hydropower Limited)
Fiscal Year 079-080
Announcement Detail Upper Syange Hydropower Limited has extended its 2,20,000.00 units of IPO shares to the projected affected local residents of Lamjung District, Marshyangdi VDC (Former Ghanpokhara VDC Ward No. 01, 020, Khudi VDC Ward No. 03, Taghrin VDC Ward No. 04, Ghermu VDC Ward No. 05, Bahun Dada VDC Ward No. 06, Bhulbhule VDC Ward No. 07, 08, Simpaani VDC Ward No. 09) till Jestha 19, 2080
Announcement Date 2023/05/30 AD (2080/02/16 BS)
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Bookclose Date
% Cash Dividend
% Bonus Share
Right Share Ratio
Date 2023/05/15 AD (2080/02/01 BS)