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Atit Lal Shrestha, CEO, Merolagani

Mr. Atit Lal Shrestha is the CEO of and has educational qualification of Masters from Tribhuvan University. Mr. Shrestha has undergone the training of Technical Analysis from US Stock Market via T3 Trading Corp, LLC, representative and has 1+ years of dedicated experience in working in US Stock Market via different online platforms (Think or Swim, Lightspeed, etc.).

Mr. Shrestha has been involved in stock market of Nepal for the past 4 years and conducts classes on Indepth-to-Advanced Fundamental Analysis and also Advanced Technical Analysis Classes with focus primarily on “Price Action Trading” and teaches the “Art of Trading.”

Covers the basic fundamental aspects of stock market.


Suitable for all those who have “zero” knowledge of stock market.

Topic Includes

Day 1

·         What is Stock market?

·         Why invest in Stock Market?

·         Risk and Returns

·         How people are investing.

·         How people should invest.

·         Fundamental Analysis

·         Fundamental Basic

·         Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)

·         Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON)

·         Nepse Index and Sub-Indices

·         Market Depth

·         Floor Sheet

·         Market Participants

·         Dividend pay and Right shares

·         Price Adjustments

·         Circuit Break and maximum Quote

·         How to enter in stock market

·         Factors affecting supply and demand


Day 2

•              What a basic fundamental analyst analyzes?

•              Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Analysis

•              Key Fundamental analysis

•              Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis

Do we have any distance learning facilities?

Sorry for inconvenience, No we don't have any distance learning facilities.

What is Technical Analysis?

The study of trends and historical market data, including price and volume. Using both behavioral economics and quantitative analysis, technical analysts aim to use past performance to predict future market behavior.

What is Fundamental Analysis?

The method used to determine the value of a stock by analyzing the financial data that is fundamental to the company. Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation method that uses financial and economic analysis to predict the movement of stock prices. Fundamental analysis typically focuses on key statistics in a company’s financial statements to determine if the stock price is correctly valued.

Do we have any training outside valley?

We don’t have any branches outside valley, so we conduct training outside valley ever after six months. For detail information please contact to our office.

It is essential to have any qualification to enroll the training?

No, it’s on your interest. 


Know your Trainers

Atit Lal Shrestha

Yogesh Daruka

Santosh Singh Lingden

Sunil Shrestha

Refresher's Workshop

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MeroLagani Refresher Workshop is organized in every two months to groom their learnt skills and knowledge and provides an opportunity to interact with the mentors


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MeroLagani will certify after the sucessful completionn of technical analysis and MeroLagani Combo Course

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